NDP's National Addictions Critic Sees no connection between safe supply and National Pharmacare

The Federal government has reconfirmed the development of a national pharmacare program in an agreement with the federal New Democratic Party (NDP). They will create a list of medications they consider are essential for pharmacare coverage, based on evidence and need. With Canadians dying in record breaking numbers from overdose, almost all from illicit drugs, and an existing evidence base for safe supply in injectable opioids- heroin and hydromorphone there is no excuse for a safe supply of drugs not to be covered. Continue reading

BC Election: How the major parties will address the overdose crisis

We sent a letter to each of British Columbia's major political parties asking for their stance on the overdose crisis and ensuring a safe supply. Find out here what their responses are. Continue reading

Questions about the Overdose Crisis to Ask BC Candidates

There's going to be a lot of online events this year for the BC election on October 24th, 2020. That means there are opportunities to find out where your candidates and parties stand on ending the overdose crisis. These are some suggested questions you can ask a candidate about their support, and their party's support for safe supply and the overdose crisis overall. If you have questions that you think should be here, email us at [email protected] Continue reading

Update: Results of BC Budget Consultation 2021

In June 2020 CASS participated in British Columbia’s Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. This is a budget consultation used to inform how British Columbia’s provincial government spends taxpayer money for the upcoming year (2021). British Columbia's government has now published that report. Continue reading

Safe Supply Makes Alberta Safer for Everyone

  There are two lifesaving injectable opioid-assisted treatment (iOAT) programs in Alberta under threat by a hostile United Conservative Party (UCP) government led by Premier Jason Kenney. In March 2020, Alberta Health Services (AHS) announced that funding for iOAT programs in Calgary and Edmonton will not be extended after March 2021, and the program’s approximately one hundred participants will have to transition to opioid treatments that have likely previously failed them, increasing their risk of overdose and death.  Continue reading

CASS cofounder Jordan Westfall Testifies Before BC Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services

Dual public health emergencies? The overdose crisis gets just a fraction of the funding that COVID19 receives from British Columbia's provincial government.  CASS cofounder Jordan Westfall testifies before British Columbia Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services for their BC Budget 2021 consultation.    Continue reading

Infographic Educates British Columbians About Drug Safety Concerns

The Canadian Association for Safe Supply (CASS) has released an infographic to SafeSupply.ca and its social media accounts to highlight potential safety concerns with drug recommendations made in the "Risk Mitigation in the Context of Dual Health Emergencies" prescribing guideline.   Continue reading