EFP: First prescriber support tool for Ethical Fentanyl Prescribers now available

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EFP: CASS releases first prescriber support tool for Ethical Fentanyl Prescribers

December 16 2020

VANCOUVER, BC- The Canadian Association for Safe Supply (CASS) has released the first prescriber support tool aimed at supporting ethical prescribers of pharmaceutical fentanyl. This support tool seeks to encourage offlabel prescribing of prescription fentanyl patches for injection as a harm reduction tool to prevent overdose death. The guide also provides knowledge on safer injection use of prescribed fentanyl to help ensure something crucially important- accurate dosing. 

There’s no time like the present to prescribe- prescribers you know going into the holidays we will lose people across the country to an unpredictable illicit drug supply. Canada is losing people to overdose in record breaking numbers and with physical distancing measures in place across Canada, the holidays, and this year especially are a deeply concerning time for anyone at risk of overdose.

For people using illicit fentanyl, prescribed fentanyl can be a lifesaver. 

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EFP: Ethical Fentanyl Prescribers


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