Questions about the Overdose Crisis to Ask BC Candidates

There's going to be a lot of online events this year for the BC election on October 24th, 2020. That means there are opportunities to find out where your candidates and parties stand on ending the overdose crisis. These are some suggested questions you can ask a candidate about their support, and their party's support for safe supply and the overdose crisis overall. If you have questions that you think should be here, email us at [email protected]

  1. Could you please outline and explain how your party will develop drug policy to meet the needs of those affected by the current crisis resulting from the unpredictable and dangerous illicit drug market.


2. Does your party agree the current level of revenue and resources are adequate to address the overdose crisis? How would your party adjust the budget to take on the crisis?


3. Does your party support expanding access to opioids and stimulants within the medical system such as extending prescribing privileges to nurses and pharmacists?


4 Does your support an expansion of pharmacare coverage for injectable opioids?



5. Would your party consider options to provide opioids and stimulants to people outside of the medical system, such as through a compassion club? 


6. Does your party have other ideas for providing access to legal and regulated drugs?



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